The CCB consists of the following member agencies:

1.     Civil Service Commission

2.     Information and Communications Technology Office

3.     Bureau of Internal Revenue

4.     Department of Health

5.     Department of Trade and Industry

6.     Land Registration Authority

7.     Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA)

8.     Philippine Health Insurance Corporation

9.     Social Security System

10.     Local Government of Quezon City

11.     Bantay PH


These agencies form the first batch of CCB member agencies that will be linked together into one contact center service.

The CCB is a multi-channel contact center service that will operate Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  Aside from the 1-6565 Hotline Number, the CCB can be reached through any of the following:

Mobile SMS.  SMS messages can be sent to the SMS Hotline Number: (0908)881-6565.  This is open to all networks.  Standard SMS messaging rates apply.

Email.  Complaints can be sent online by logging onto the CCB website and selecting the "File a Complaint" button.  Users will encode the information requested to file their complaint.


The CCB will have the following components:

1. Hotline Number. The CCB will have a special 1-6565  5-digit Hotline number accessible to PLDT, Smart  and Digitel Landlines nationwide.  Callers will dial the 1-6565 number sequence without the need for area codes or Direct Distance Dialing.  Callers will be charged P5.00 per call plus VAT. 

2. CCB Website. The CCB will have the website that  can be used to file complaints.  The CCB website will also  support the main operations of the CCB by providing static information about the CCB member government agencies.  The information will be updated on a regular basis to ensure that information is always current.

3. Interactive Voice Response System. Callers will have access to recorded Information-on-Demand from participating government agencies. The system will have a transfer feature that can route calls to a live agent, if necessary.

4. Contact Center Agents.  The CCB will be manned by Contact Center Agents.  These agents will accept complaint calls from the public.  These agents will also have call transfer capability that will allow calls to be routed to specialist agents at the CSC, NCC, BIR, PHIC, DOH and DTI.

5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. Contact Center Agents will utilize a CRM system to log all call concerns most especially for ARTA-related complaints.  These concerns will be monitored against pre-defined service levels for resolution.

Complaints, concerns, and feedback logged by the CCB will be processed using the systems analytical tools.   Reports will be released for evaluation by the Civil Service Commission.

6. The Civil Service Commission will review and utilize the reports  for process improvement, adjustments, and coaching of concerned agencies  and submit recommendations to the concerned agencies for adjustments or improvements of systems, processes and methods.

7.  Special Action Team (SAT). The Civil Service Commission will have an SAT in place that will receive ARTA related concerns logged in the CRM system. The SAT will monitor complaints/cases until final resolution and callers will be informed of the action taken.