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CCB recorded 2,753 complex transactions, which requires action of other government agencies for the first semester of 2022.
The majority of the complex transactions were requests for assistance from clients with a total of 1,774 (64.44% of the total number of complex transactions); followed by complaints (729 or 26.48%), and commendations or messages of appreciation (161 or 5.85%).
In terms of complaints, the CCB achieved a resolution rate of 91.50% (667 resolved complaints vs. 729 total complaints received). The most common complaints against government agencies in 2022 were still on slow process, discourtesy, poor service/ facility, failure to act on request, and unattended hotline numbers.
“Slow process” consistently topped the list of complaints for the past 10 years. From the 24.49% in 2021, complaints on “slow process” rose to 29.49% in the first half of 2022. Complaints against “discourtesy” came in second.