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The Civil Service Commission (CSC) commends the top 10 government agencies with the highest resolution rate from January to June 2022, as reported by the Contact Center ng Bayan (CCB).
The Department of Social Welfare and Development garnered the highest resolution rate of 93.33% given the fifteen (15) complaints referred to them for the first semester of the year. The Home Development Mutual Fund came in second at 92.86% with fourteen (14) transactions. The Department of Education posted the most number of complaints at 66 referrals with an 81.82% resolution rate. The majority of these complaints were about reports against the agency and its officials as well as concerns about salary and benefits lodged through the CCB for escalation assistance, expediting of request, and referral.
CCB ensures that actions on public feedback are in compliance with the number of days required under Republic Act No. 11032 of the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018. To do this, CCB regularly monitors the resolution rate of the concerns referred to government agencies. Aside from conducting regular follow-ups, the CCB initiated the conduct of bulk follow-ups on unresolved concerns.
CCB also introduced the online matrix of referrals which government agencies may utilize to monitor the status of public feedback referred. Focal persons of the offices were given authority to access the online system, which in effect aided the smooth flow of communication between CCB and the focal person/s, allowing more efficient resolution of referred concerns. The general public, on the other hand, may enter the reference code given as a transaction ticket number from the CCB website Ticket Status search bar to be updated of the status of the concern.
CCB will be celebrating its 10th year as one of the Philippine government’s main feedback mechanisms that serves as the Filipino citizen’s direct line in providing feedback on the efficiency of government service delivery. This will be part of the 122nd Philippine Civil Service Anniversary celebration in September 2022.
For the past ten years, the CCB has promoted participatory governance and transparency by providing easy access channels for the public to reach the government and express their feedback and other concerns on service delivery. The facility receives complaints on government offices’ non-conformance with their respective Citizen's Charters; requests for assistance on pending requests and applications; queries on procedures and requirements; suggestions for further improvement of systems and processes; and commendation/appreciation of efficient service.
To reach the CCB, text 0908-8816565 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You may also send a direct message through the CSC's official Facebook Page,