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Take a screenshot or photo of your online or group watching activity for the virtual summit on 27 September 2022, 2 p.m., and send it toยย to be included on post-event features.

The virtual summit will be posted on the CSC's Facebook Page (/civilservicegovph) and YouTube Channel (/cscphmedia)ย and will recognize the top performing agencies in terms of complaints resolution rate.
The CCB will be celebrating its 10th year as one of the Philippine governmentโ€™s main feedback mechanisms. This will be part of the 122nd Philippine Civil Service Anniversary celebration in September 2022. ย 

For the past ten years, the CCB has promoted participatory governance and transparency by providing easy access channels for the public to reach the government and express their feedback and other concerns on service delivery.
The facility receives complaints on government officesโ€™ non-conformance with their respective Citizen's Charters; requests for assistance on pending requests and applications; queries on procedures and requirements; suggestions for further improvement of systems and processes; and commendation/appreciation of efficient service.

To reach the CCB, text 0908-8816565 or send an email toย You may also send a direct message through the CSC's official Facebook Page,ย