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The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has included two (2) new programming languages—C# and—in the list of proficiency tests or training courses which can be used as basis for the grant of Electronic Data Processing Specialist Eligibility (EDPSE).

The EDPSE is conferred to passers of the proficiency test, or passers of the training courses conducted by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), through the National ICT Competency Management Service (NCM), on courses on Systems Analysis and Design and Computer Programming.

Existing programming languages under the EDPSE are Systems Analysis and Design, Computer Programming, Java, MS Access, and Visual Basic.

The DICT yearly conducts the ICT Specialist Proficiency Examination designed to evaluate the competence of an individual to perform programming or systems analysis and design functions. Those who will pass the examination will be given a Certificate of Proficiency which will be the basis of the CSC in granting the EDPSE.


The resulting eligibility is considered appropriate only to functionally related positions belonging to the Information Technology/Management Information System Group, such as data encoder, data machine operator, auxiliary machine operator, data encoder-controller, computer programmer, information systems analyst, and to other positions as may be determined by the CSC.

Filing of applications for the grant of EDPSE should be within three (3) years from the date of issuance of the DICT’s Certificate of Proficiency. For application procedures and documentary requirements, please visit the CSC website.