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he CSC Eligibility Card, which will serve as an official proof of civil service eligibility, is now initially available to passers of the 2015 Civil Service Examinations, this was announced yesterday by the Civil Service Commission (CSC). The CSC added that the said eligibility card will specifically be available for passers of the May 3, 2015 Career Service Examination Paper and Pencil Test (CSE-PPT); August 16, 2015 Fire Officer Examination; October 18, 2015 CSE-PPT; and December 6, 2015 CSE-PPT (except National Capital Region).

Passers of career service exams and other CSC-administered tests after 2015 will be issued a temporary Certification of Eligibility printed on CSC letterhead at no cost. They may also opt to apply for a regular Certification of Eligibility (printed on security paper at cost).


To avail the card, 2015 passers should personally claim their card at the CSC Regional Office where the eligible took the examination. Representatives are not allowed. The following documents should be presented:

Any of the following ID cards, which must be valid or not expired on the date of claiming: Driver’s license, Passport, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) license, SSS ID, GSIS ID (UMID), Voter’s ID, BIR ID (ATM type/TIN card type with picture), PhilHealth ID (must contain the holder’s name, clear picture, signature, and PhilHealth number), Company/Office ID, School ID (valid for the current school year/semester/trimester), Police clearance/Police clearance certificate, Postal ID, Barangay ID, NBI clearance;
Certification of Eligibility printed on CSC letterhead (if available);
Application Receipt and/or CSC Official Receipt (if available); and
PHP200.00 application fee.
In case of passers who are based in far-off location within the region, or have moved to or are based in another region, they may personally claim their CSC Eligibility Card at the CSC Regional or Field Office (conduit CSCRO/FO) nearest their present place of residence or work. To facilitate the matter, passers must send a written request (through mail, courier, facsimile, or e-mail) to the Regional Office with jurisdiction over the center where they took the examination, citing reasons for the request to release the card at the nearest CSC RO or CSC FO.

The CSC also issues the eligibility card to individuals granted with special eligibilities starting 2015 onwards. Special eligibilities include the Honor Graduate Eligibility (HGE), Scientific and Technological Specialist Eligibility, Electronic Data Processing Specialist Eligibility, Sanggunian Member Eligibility, Foreign School Honor Graduate Eligibility, Barangay Official Eligibility, Barangay Health Worker Eligibility, Barangay Nutrition Scholar Eligibility, Skills Eligibility - Category II, and Veteran Preference Rating.