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In view of the coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) continuing pandemic, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) will not be conducting any written career service examinations for the rest of the year.

In an advisory, the CSC said the implementation of public health standards during the pandemic, such as physical distancing, reduced capacity of public transportation, and restriction on mass gatherings, has led it to cancel the following civil service examinations via the pen-and-paper test (PPT) mode:

Fire Officer Examination, Penology Officer Examination, Basic Competency on Local Treasury Examination scheduled on 21 June 2020;

Career Service Examination (CSE) PPT (Professional and Subprofessional Levels) scheduled on 9 August 2020;

Intermediate Competency on Local Treasury Examination, Pre-Employment Test, Promotional Test, Ethics-Oriented Personality Test scheduled on 11 October 2020.

Moreover, the conduct of the 15 March 2020 Professional and Subprofessional CSE-PPT shall be reset in 2021. A separate issuance pertaining to the said rescheduled exam will be released by the CSC.

The 15 March 2020 CSE-PPT was supposed to be held in 66 testing locations nationwide with an estimated total of 293,845 individuals nationwide registered to take the test.