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All public officials and employees are given an additional period of sixty (60) days from 30 June 2020, the last day of filing of the Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) to until 31 August 2020, to file their SALN with their respective departments, offices, or agencies.

This was announced by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) as it issued Resolution No. 2000603 dated 22 June 2020 which adopts the guidelines in the filing and submission of the Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) Form for the year 2020 in response to the state of public health emergency.

The CSC also allows online submission of a duly executed SALN provided that the agency has put in place processes and mechanisms to enable or allow online oath taking and the electronic filing of the SALN, and ensure that the SALN electronically filed are verifiable and authentic.

The Declarant, whether under alternative working arrangement or physically reporting for work, may submit the SALN in Portable Document Format (PDF) which shall be considered the original, and a printout as duplicate original.

For the online oath taking of the SALN, an electronic meeting initiated by the Declarant with the Administering Officer (AO) or by the AO with the Declarant via online platforms must take place. The AO reviews the declarant’s evidence of identity via video, if not personally known to the AO. The Declarant executes the SALN and affirms that the contents are true and correct. The Declarant shall execute the SALN by affixing electronic/digital signature to the electronic SALN, or wet ink signature to the physical SALN, provided the execution or placing of signature is done within sight of the AO. The Original shall refer to the electronic SALN or physical SALN, as the case may be.

A copy of the original SALN, which refers to its scanned copy must be transmitted to the AO on the same day via fax or electronic means. The AO may use electronic signature or wet ink signature in acknowledging the SALN. Upon completion/signing by the AO, the SALN will be sent back to the Declarant who then provides a copy to the Human Resource Department/Office (HRDO) of the agency to comprise filing of the SALN.

Upon collation of the SALNs, the concerned office has the option to submit these to the proper repository agency either physically or electronically. The office shall exercise only one option in submitting the SALNs, not a combination of both, in order to facilitate centralized recording and monitoring by repository agencies. Physical submission shall observe existing guidelines on the filing and submission of the SALN. In the case of electronic submission, the office is allowed to submit or transmit the electronic SALNs to the proper repository agency either with the use of USB flash drive or disc storage together with the required summary as provided under the rules.

For those submitting to the CSC, the SALNs may be transmitted via the USB flash drive or CD with the CSC Field Office or CSC Regional Office having jurisdiction over them.

The submission of the SALN enjoins all public officers and employees to declare and submit an annual true, detailed and sworn statement of their assets, liabilities and net worth, including disclosure of business interests and financial connections, and to identify with the best of their knowledge their of relatives in the government service in compliance with the provisions of Republic Act No. 6713 (Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees).

All heads of office are enjoined to establish procedures for the review of the SALNs to determine whether they were submitted on time, are complete, and are in proper form, as well as constitute the review and compliance procedure. The last day of submission of the SALN Forms to the appropriate repository agencies is extended from 31 August to 31 October 2020.