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The public can now easily get information on civil service laws, rules, and regulations through the Civil Service Commission’s (CSC) Online Information and Legal Assistance forum.

The online facility, which can be accessed at, aims to give citizens a more accessible and cost-effective means to seek advice or clarifications on legal matters, such as the process for handling administrative disciplinary cases, invalidation or disapproval of appointments, personnel actions, and other civil service policies. However, queries regarding pending cases shall not be entertained in the forum.


Through this project, the CSC hopes to increase understanding of civil service rules as well as to reduce phone-in and walk-in queries.

Users must create an account and log in so they can post their queries and comments or join a conversation pertaining to their topic of interest. Action officers from the CSC’s Office for Legal Affairs are at the other end to answer questions or give advice. Use of the online forum is free-of-charge.

For immediate access to information, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are also available in the online forum.

The CSC, however, advised the public that the project was designed only as a venue for obtaining basic information or legal counseling service. Binding legal opinions and rulings, especially on more complex issues, will have to be issued by the Commission upon submission of a formal written request.

Moreover, the forum is not intended for lodging questions on civil service examinations.