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The Civil Service Commission (CSC) will recognize national and local government offices that have significantly curbed red tape and improved their respective frontline services.

In an event dubbed “ARTAnized: An ARTA Dekada Celebration” marking the 10th anniversary of the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA) or Republic Act No. 9485, which was enacted on June 2, 2007, the CSC will showcase 10 local government units (LGUs) with the highest numerical ratings in the Report Card Survey from 2010 to 2016.

Also to be recognized are three (3) “most improved” national agencies or those that have obtained the highest average Excellent ratings from 2010 to 2016, and three (3) national agencies with the most number of service offices that were given the Citizen’s Satisfaction Center Seal of Excellence Award as of December 2016.


Happening on January 22, 2018 in Quezon City, ARTAnized will highlight how the ARTA has streamlined processes, reduced documentary requirements, opened up more channels for public feedback and complaints, made possible the regular monitoring of service quality, and developed and strengthened multi-sectoral partnerships, all of which have contributed in the improvement of government frontline service delivery in the last decade.

It will also recognize the efforts and support of government agencies, development institutions, and civil society partners in the 10 years of ARTA implementation.

The Report Card Survey provides a quantitative measure of the quality and efficiency of government frontline services as well as overall client satisfaction. In the survey, the CSC discreetly interviews 30 clients within the service office’s premises immediately after they availed of any frontline service.

Service offices that obtained an Excellent rating under the survey undergo validation. Those that have shown consistency in delivering top-notch quality services are awarded with the Seal of Excellence Award.