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Individuals who wish to comply with the educational requirement for appointment to Division Chief or executive/managerial positions in government without obtaining a Master’s degree may apply for the Leadership and Management Certification Program-Recognition of Prior Learning (CPro-RPL) Track.

In CPro-RPL, candidates are expected to manifest the targeted five leadership competencies through previous real-life work experiences. These competencies are Thinking Strategically and Creatively, Leading Change, Building Collaborative, Inclusive Working Relationships, Managing Performance and Coaching for Results, and Creating and Nurturing High Performing Organization.


Registered individuals will take a Pre-Qualifying Test (PQT), composed of a general ability test and an essay test, on March 23, 2018. Only PQT passers will be able to proceed to the next phases of the program—a 90-day Portfolio Building and a Competency Assessment composed of a written test, Portfolio Review, and Behavioral Event Interview.

After having passed the assessment on all of the five leadership competencies required in the program, successful candidates will get a Certificate of Leadership and Management, which can be used in lieu of a Master’s Degree to fulfill the educational requirement for appointment to Division Chief or executive/managerial positions.

The CSC, however, stressed that in order to qualify for permanent appointment to government positions, a job candidate has to meet all the Qualification Standards of the position composed of education, training, experience, and eligibility requirements.

Interested individuals may register for CPro-RPL online at until March 9, 2018. Online registration may be closed any time before the deadline once the target number of applicants has been reached.

Filing fee for the PQT is Php1,200.00. A separate payment of Php27,900.00 shall be required for those who will qualify to proceed to the next phases of the program.

Training Track

An alternative is the CPro-Training Track, wherein candidates participate in a 10-day Leadership and Management Development Course designed to enable participants to develop the five leadership competencies, after which they will undertake a 90-day Action Learning Project providing them an opportunity to demonstrate the leadership competencies.

As with the RPL candidates, those in the Training Track will also undergo the Competency Assessment Stage.