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Applications for the October 14, 2018 conduct of the Pre-Employment Test, Promotional Test and Ethics-Oriented Personality Test (EOPT) will begin on June 25 until August 24, 2018, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced.

The tests are additional human resource tools—aside from the Civil Service Examinations—to strengthen the overall recruitment, placement and promotion in the government service. It is used by government agencies in the objective screening or assessment of their applicants vying for vacant positions.

The Pre-Employment Test serves as a mechanism to filter applications; the Promotional Test allows objective evaluation of applicants’ readiness and competencies for promotion purpose; and the EOPT determines behavioral tendencies and personality profile of applicants.


The CSC clarified that all applications should be coursed through the government agency adopting any or all of the tests. Only individuals with pending application for employment, or promotion, in a government agency adopting the tests are allowed to take the examination/s. Government agencies should make a written request to the CSC, through its CSC Regional Office having jurisdiction over the agency, to administer any or all of the tests for its applications. The CSC stressed that no individual can file an application directly with the CSC.

Passers of the Pre-Employment Test and Promotional Test will receive a Certification valid and effective for five (5) years. As such, the Certification may be used by the holder for subsequent applications. The CSC explained that the Certification shall be appropriate/applicable only for the level of positions for which the examination is intended (e.g. The Pre-Employment Test for 1st level shall be applicable for entrance to first level positions only. The Promotional Test for Executive/Managerial positions shall be applicable for promotion to the same level of positions only).

For the application procedure, scope of examination and other details, read Examination Announcement No. 6, s. 2018.